Alpine Rock Climbing: High Mountain Traverses

Alpine Rock Climbing: High Mountain Traverses

Guided Alpine Climbing in the Wasatch Mountains

These adventures are challenging enough to intrigue anyone interested in exciting ridge scrambling with a touch of alpine climbing in the Wasatch, but not as committing as to exclude those who are new to the sport.

Our high mountain traverses are an excellent adventure option for those looking to push themselves physically and aerobically in an incredible and breathtaking high altitude setting. 

Upon booking we will send you an equipment list.

1-Day Traverse:

Wastach Mountain classic alpine routes including (but not limited to) the South Ridge of Superior, Devil's Castle, Pfeifferhorn, or an objective you've been researching. 

Price per Person:

  • 1:1 $525 ($550 on weekend)
  • 2:1 $100 extra for additional climber
  • Max client to guide ratio is 2:1

2-DayTraverse (option):

The Grand Traverse: with overnight camping

This overnight trip is a traverse connecting the three massifs of Mt. Dromedary, Sunrise, and the Salt Lake Twin Peaks. Scrambling, summits, a knife edge ridge and a stunning night under the stars make up this fantastic package for a weekend away.

Price for 2-Day Traverse:

  • 1:1 $1000
  • 2:1 $500 extra for additional climber
  • Max client to guide ratio is 2:1

From: $313 per Person

Rock Climbing Adventure


Group Size: 
1-2 People


Activities: Rock Climbing

Season: 5/1/23-10/31/23

Pricing (per person)

Pricing is a typical estimate, final quote will be provided after receiving your inquiry.

Full-day / 1 Person $525 (Weekends $550)

Full-day / 2 Persons $313 (Weekends $338)

2 days / 1 Person $1,000 (Weekends $1,025)

2 days / 2 Persons $750 (Weekends $775)

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