Lodge to Lodge Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains

Lodge to Lodge Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains

Lodge-to-lodge hiking in the Wasatch Mountains offers a unique and thrilling adventure. You can explore some of the area's most stunning hikes while staying in comfortable lodges.


Duration: 3-4 days

Route: Deer Valley to Snowbird or in the reverse

Accommodation: Lodges at Deer Valley, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird


Day 1:

Starting Point: Bloods Lake trailhead

Destination: Solitude

  • Most Accessible Version: Guardsman Pass to Solitude (2-3 hrs, 4 mi, 200’ up, 2000’ down)
  • Moderate Version: Bloods Lake to Peak 10420 (3-4 hrs, 7 mi, 1400’ up, 2400’ down)
  • Peak Bagger Option 1: Peak Bagger 2 peaks (4-5 hrs, 7.7 mi, 2000’ up, 3800’ down)
  • Peak Bagger Option 2: Peak Bagger 4 peaks (5-6 hrs, 11 mi, 3550 up, 5000 down)

Day 2:

Starting Point: Solitude

Destination: Alta

  • Most Accessible Version: Sunrise lift at Solitude to Albion campground (2-3 hrs, 5.4 mi, 1650’ up, 1200’ down)
  • Moderate Version: Brighton Lakes trail to Catherines Pass (4-5 hrs, 9 mi, 2400’ up, 2100’ down)
  • Peak Bagger Option: Peak Bagger to Sunset Peak, Tuscarora, Wolverine, Patsy Marley (5-6 hrs, 10 mi, 3600’ up, 3100’ down)

Day 3:

Starting Point: Solitude

Destination: Snowbird

  • Most Accessible Version: Cecret Lake to tram down (2-3 hrs, 3.4 mi, 2000’ up, 400’ down)
  • Moderate Version: Snowpine to the tram (3-4 hrs, 5 mi, 2700’ up, 500’ down)
  • Peak Bagger Option: Peak Bagger from the lodge to Cecret Lake, Devil's Castle, Baldy, tram down (4-5 hrs, 6.9 mi, 3500’ up, 1300’ down)

Day 4 (optional):

Alpine Climbing Objectives: 

  • Toledo Ridge 5.6 has 4-5 short pitches of technical climbing.  (3-5 hrs, 5 mi, 2500’ up and down)
  • Mt. Superior’s SW ridge 5.6, steep hiking off trail to a long technical section of 5th class scrambling with the most complicated move at 5.6.  We will descend the East ridge (6-7 hrs, 5 mi, 2700’ up and down)

Technical Hiking Options: 

  • East Ridge of Superior - class 4 scrambling (3-4 hrs, 4.5 mi, 2500’ up and down)

Experience the freedom of choice on this adventure, with hikes tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer shorter leisurely walks or more challenging treks to bag some peaks and cover more ground, you'll find something to suit you. 


  • Regular guide rates apply and are dependent on the number of people. Guide ratios are lower for the technical Alpine climbs.
  • Lodging and food are separate.
  • Transportation costs depend on your custom plan.
  • If you would like help securing lodging, let us know.  
  • Call us or submit an inquiry via the Book Trip button so we can customize this trip for you and your crew. 

Rock Climbing Adventure


Group Size: 
6 people per guide


Activities: Hiking, Trekking, Overnight

Season: 5/1/24-11/20/24

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