Rock Climbing Mentorship Program

Rock Climbing Mentorship Program

Note: we only offer this program if we have a group of 2 people. Inquire to join with another mentee. 

With over 50 years combined experience between Willie and Todd (both are IFMGA Mountain Guides), WMG is suited to mentor and train someone that seeks to progress their climbing skills. The Rock Climbing Mentorship program is suited for beginners, immediate, or advanced rock climbers. This mentorship program can be for the recreationalist or for someone seeking professional employment in the rock climbing industry. 

This climbing program lasts 4 weeks. We will meet once a week for a field day filled with climbing and instruction. The focus will be on areas you personally need to improve or learn. You’ll leave knowing how to safely explore new rock climbing terrain.

Max client to guide ratio of 2:1.

Contact us or Book Trip to discuss this personalized rock climbing mentorship program to discuss you needs and goals, and how we can best take you to the next level. 

From: $1,075 per Person

Rock Climbing Adventure


Group Size: 
2 Persons

4 Days

Intermediate and above

Activities: Rock Climbing, Mentorship

Season: 5/1/23-10/31/23

Pricing (per person)

Pricing is a typical estimate, final quote will be provided after receiving your inquiry.

4 days / 1 Person $1,425 (Weekends $1,450)

4 days / 2 Persons $1,075 (Weekends $1,100)

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