Guided Rock Climbing in Utah County

Guided Rock Climbing in Utah County

Rock Climbing in the Southern Wasatch

The Provo area is home to incredible rock climbing in American Fork Canyon, Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, and Provo Canyon. Plus other areas! Our guided climbs are ideal for families, church activities, club and school activities, plus more. We offer climbing from first time beginners to advanced climbers. Both single-pitch and multi-pitch climbs offered. You can learn to rock climb or sign up for a challenging multi-pitch route! 

We operate within the American Mountain Guides Association's scope of practice. This means that all our guides are properly certified and tested, and operate in terrain and with technical skills appropriately. We do not operate without proper permits and permissions. 

Trip Details:

For our half-day guided rock climbing (4 hours) in the in the Provo area, please contact us for a price quote. Click for climbing in the Salt Lake City area.

In our FULL-DAY outings, we have the time to hike to routes that grant us incredible solitude, and explore the longer routes on offer in the area. We are able to take the time to cover beginner to advanced topics such as the basics, or speed vs time-efficiency, belaying strategies, and descending longer routes. We create curriculum based on your experience and needs. 

Full-Day: 6-8 Hours

  • 1:1 $475 
  • $50 each additional climber, 4 maximum.
  • Single Pitch Client to Guide Ratio: Max 4:1
    • We can accomdate larger groups and will provide additional guides. 
  • Multi-Pitch Client to Guide Ratio: Max 2:1
  • Duration: 6-8 hours

Our permit area is located in the UNITA-WASATCH-CACHE NATIONAL FOREST. We are not permitted to guide in the Mount Timpanogos and Lone Peak Wilderness areas. All guiding on Mount Timpanogos is outside marked Wilderness.

Why is Climbing in Utah County so Great?

  1. Diverse Scenery: Utah County offers an incredible variety of climbing environments. From the stunning red quartzite in Rock Canyon to the granite crags in American Fork Canyon and the limestone formations in Provo Canyon, climbers can experience a wide range of geological features and landscapes.
  2. World-Class Climbing Destinations: Utah County is home to several world-class climbing destinations, such as Maple Canyon, American Fork Canyon, and Rock Canyon. These areas provide a wide range of climbing experiences, from sport climbing to traditional climbing, bouldering, and ice climbing in the winter.
  3. Abundant Routes: Utah County boasts a wealth of climbing routes suitable for climbers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. You can find everything from easy routes for newcomers to extremely challenging climbs for experts. The diversity of routes ensures that climbers can continually find new challenges.
  4. Ideal Climbing Conditions: Utah's climate is well-suited for outdoor climbing. With plenty of sunny days and low humidity, it's possible to climb year-round, although the best seasons are typically spring and fall when the temperatures are more moderate.
  5. Accessible Location: Utah County is easily accessible for climbers living in the Salt Lake City area, and it's also a popular destination for climbers from around the world. The proximity of climbing areas to urban centers, like Provo and Salt Lake City, makes it a convenient location for both local and visiting climbers.
  6. Supportive Community: Utah County has a vibrant climbing community. Local climbers are welcoming, and there are numerous climbing gyms in the area, which provide great opportunities for both indoor training and meeting like-minded individuals. We recommend you visit the local Provo climbing gym, The Quarry.
  7. Scenic Beauty: The natural beauty of Utah County is awe-inspiring. Climbers get to enjoy breathtaking views, including rugged canyons, alpine settings, and unique rock formations, while they pursue their passion.
  8. Cultural and Recreational Activities: In addition to climbing, Utah County offers a range of cultural and recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, camping, and exploring the scenic landscapes of the region. The diverse options for adventure and relaxation make it a well-rounded destination.

Overall, the combination of stunning scenery, diverse climbing opportunities, and a welcoming climbing community makes rock climbing in Utah County an outstanding experience for climbers of all levels.

Trip Details

Rock Climbing Adventure


Group Size: 
1-4 People per Guide



Activities: Rock Climbing

Season: 11/15/23-4/30/24

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