Hybrid Avalanche Course Level 1

Hybrid Avalanche Course Level 1

AAI Avalanche Level 1 Course by Certified Guides

The mountains are a paradise for many of us. That said, the alpine environment isn’t without hazards. Avalanches, in particular, are a deadly and treacherous force we all must reckon within the mountains. If you spend enough time in the backcountry, you will eventually encounter an avalanche. When that occurs, proper avalanche response training is critical to safety. Don’t Be Unprepared!

Wasatch Mountain Guides is stoked to offer our Avalanche Level 1 Hybrid Course (AAI Level 1), which we offer in partnership with the American Avalanche Institute. This comprehensive course offers both an online learning module, one two hour remote session with the instructor, and two 8-hour hands-on field days in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, led by expert instructors from Wasatch Mountain Guides.

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Course Details:

  • Self-Paced Online Learning Module via the American Avalanche Institute
  • Live Virtual Seminar with Expert WMG Instructors (the evening before your first field day)
  • Two In-Depth Field Days in the Backcountry
  • Avalanche Level 1 certification upon full completion 
  • Avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, and backpack (if needed)
  • A minimum of 2 students in order for the course to occur
  • If you are seeking a private course for more than 4 individuals, please contact us directly

How it Works:

Once you have paid and registered, you’ll receive access to an expansive online coursecontaining:

  • Instructional videos
  • Extensive workbook with note outlines
  • In-depth online study guide
  • Comprehensive quizzes

This digital course was developed by the American Avalanche Institute and is framed around the Backcountry Avalanche Checklist. This Checklist is a systemic and proven approach to comprehensive decision-making in the complex backcountry environment.

The course material can be completed at your leisure but must be completed before your field days. The WMG team will be available to respond to questions via email at all times. Participants can go back and review course material even after the completion of the course, for the duration of the 2023-24 winter season.

As mentioned, the course includes two field days in the backcountry. The evening before your first field day, we’ll meet with with everyone for two hours via video conference to review core curriculum, answer any questions you have and make sure you’re packed and ready. 

The Field Days:

Our field days of backcountry travel will be two consecutive 8-hour days based in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon. The course may also have 1 or 2 field days in the Provo area mountains. We’ll cover an exhaustive set of avalanche preparedness skills, including:

  • Tour planning 
  • Snowpack and weather observations and assessment 
  • Terrain assessment 
  • Safe travel 
  • Field observations
  • Stability tests and assessment
  • Rescue skills and drills
    • Companion rescue
    • Team structure and roles
    • Avalanche response and steps 
    • Beacon search
    • Probing techniques
    • Strategic shoveling
    • Plus more


  • See the calendar for available courses.

Essential Reasons to Take a Level 1 Avalanche Course in Utah's Wasatch Mountains

If you're planning to explore the winter wonders of Utah's Wasatch Mountains, enrolling in a Level 1 avalanche course is an absolute must. This essential training equips outdoor enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe in avalanche terrain. Here's why you shouldn't embark on your winter adventures without it.

1. Safety First: Avalanche incidents can be life-threatening. A Level 1 avalanche course teaches you vital safety protocols, including risk assessment, terrain evaluation, and rescue techniques, minimizing the chances of accidents.

2. Expert Guidance: Led by certified instructors, the course provides expert guidance from seasoned professionals with extensive backcountry experience, ensuring comprehensive learning.

3. Know Before You Go: Understanding snow science, weather patterns, and avalanche mechanics empowers you to make informed decisions while navigating the backcountry.

4. Terrain Management: Learn to identify potential avalanche terrain and develop route-finding skills to steer clear of hazardous areas.

5. Comprehensive Curriculum: The Level 1 course covers essential topics such as snowpack analysis, decision-making frameworks, and effective communication within a group.

6. Real-Life Practice: Participate in practical exercises and mock scenarios that simulate real avalanche situations, building your confidence and competence in emergency response.

7. Winter Preparedness: Being avalanche-aware enhances your winter preparedness and allows you to enjoy the snowy wonderland responsibly.

8. Community Connection: Meet like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, fostering a community focused on safety and responsible backcountry exploration.

Don't let the allure of the Wasatch Mountains' winter beauty lure you into unpreparedness. A Level 1 avalanche course in Utah arms you with the necessary skills and awareness to make the most of your backcountry experiences safely.

Trip Details

Skiing Adventure


Group Size: 
2-4 People per Guide

2 Days


Activities: Backcountry Skiing and Splitboarding

Season: 12/1/23-4/13/24

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