Let us begin by saying how much we truly care about every one of you. We are just so concerned for your health and wellbeing. If we can help in any way during this challenging time please know you can count on us.

Although none of us have experienced a pandemic before, the WMG family of staff, clients, and our providers all around the world have quickly risen to the occasion in whatever way they can around the world. In turn, we would like to thank everyone we have heard from for their kindness and support.

Looking forward to this summer, we sincerely hope you will join us to enjoy the wilderness and distancing the vast and majestic Wasatch provide.

Please rest assured we are holding our usual dates, providers and guides, to provide our expedition experience to its usual high standards of success and excellence, despite the uncertainty at this time. We have of course endeavoured to build suitable cancellation policies into our bookings for the season to accommodate circumstances.

Meanwhile, please rest assured that you can count on WMG.

We all appreciate the next few months will not be easy. However, there will be new successes, laughter, fun, happiness, hope, and purpose.

With best wishes,

All of us at Wasatch Mountain Guides

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