Season Calendar—2024/25

Introduction to Backcountry Skiing Course11/20/23-4/13/24Full-Day
Lift Accessed Skiing: Wasatch Sidecountry11/20/23-4/30/24Full-Day
Advanced Ski Mountaineering Tours11/20/23-4/30/24Full-Day
Hire a Ski Guide: Ski and Splitboard Touring11/20/23-4/30/24Full-Day
Backcountry Essentials Course11/20/23-4/30/242 Days
Hybrid Avalanche Course Level 112/1/23-4/13/242 Days
Denali Ski Adventure4/9/24-4/21/246 Days / 7 Days
Backcountry Ski Mentorship Program11/20/23-4/30/244 Days per Month
Valdez Ski and Splitboard Adventure3/25/24-3/29/24, 4/8/24-4/12/245 days
Avalanche Rescue Course12/1/23-4/13/24Full-Day
Guided Backcountry Skiing in the Southern Wasatch11/15/23-4/30/24Full-Day
Avalanche Course Level 1 Provo Area12/1/23-4/13/242 Days + online session
Avalanche Level 1 Course with Winter Camping11/20/23-4/30/242 Field Days + 1 night
Ski and Splitboard in Alaska3/15/24-4/30/247 Days
Ski Mountaineering the Patagonia Chile Volcanoes9/8/24-9/29/248 Days
Alpine Rock Climbing: High Mountain Traverses5/1/23-10/31/23Full-Day
Kids Rock Climbing Camp5/1/23-10/31/23Half-Day
Utah Rock Climbing5/1/23-10/31/23Full-Day
Learn to Rock Climb5/1/23-10/31/23Full-Day
Rock Climbing Mentorship Program5/1/23-10/31/234 Days
Moab Desert Towers Program5/1/23-11/20/233 Days
Guided Hiking, Running, and Trekking in the Wasatch Mountains5/1/23-10/31/231-3 days
Half-Day Guided Rock Climbing Utah5/1/23-10/31/23Half-Day
Learn to Lead Climb Outside Course5/1/23-10/31/23Full-Day
Climb Ham and Eggs4/1/24-5/31/247
Guided Rock Climbing in Utah County11/15/23-4/30/24Full-Day
Guided Alpine Climbing in Alaska4/1/24-5/30/247-12 Days
Lodge to Lodge Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains5/1/24-11/20/24