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Grow your backcountry touring skills in one of the most stunning parts of the planet! Let WMG introduce you to just some of the places which have made backcountry skiing in Utah world-famous!

Our fully-customized ski trips are breathtaking, inspiring, and leave you with new skills and outstanding know how. WMG offers privately guided trips through the backcountry for skiers of TRULY all levels and interests. As local residents, we know all the ins and outs of a huge area, like the back of our hands. Whether you prefer gentle tree runs or steep couloirs, there is ideal terrain for everyone. We even have the option for guided “slackcountry skiing,” which means taking a lift up and skiing out-of-bounds on the way down.

Specific tours vary per conditions and clients’ focuses, but we always aim to go to where the best snow can be found. On many of these tours, we begin in Little Cottonwood Canyon, ski down into Big Cottonwood, and eventually work our way back up and over into Little Cottonwood again. You’ll get into some fantastic, challenging terrain – so you can continue to grow your skills in one of the most stunning parts of the planet.

Each day involves approximately 3,000 to 5,000 feet of climbing and skiing over the course of roughly seven hours. If you're interested in a detailed summary of what a day backcountry skiing with Wasatch Mountain Guides is like, read here

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