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Wasatch Mountain Guides is stoked to announce our new Level 1 Hybrid Avalanche Course (AAI Level 1), which we created working together with the American Avalanche Institute. This comprehensive course offers both online learning and two 8-hour hands-on field days in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, led by expert instructors from Wasatch Mountain Guides.


What’s Included:

  • Self-Paced Online Learning Course
  • Live Virtual Seminar with Expert WMG Instructors
  • Two In-Depth Field Days in the Backcountry

Read our general outline about backcountry touring with Wasatch Mountain Guides here

What’s Included:

  •         Self-Paced Online Learning Course
  •         Live Virtual Seminar with Expert WMG Instructors
  •         Two In-Depth Field Days in the Backcountry 

The Online Course:

Once you have paid and registered, you’ll receive access to an expansive online course containing:

  •         Instructional Videos
  •         Extensive Workbook with Note Outlines
  •         In-Depth Online Study Guide
  •         Comprehensive Quizzes

This digital course was developed by the American Avalanche Institute and is framed around the Backcountry Avalanche Checklist. This Checklist is a systemic and proven approach to comprehensive decision-making in the complex backcountry environment.

The course material can be completed at your leisure but must be completed before your field days. The WMG team will be available to respond to questions via email at all times. Participants can go back and review course material even after the completion of the course, for the duration of the 2021 winter season.

As mentioned, we’ll also sign you up for two field days in the backcountry. We’re offering private group custom dates (we must confirm availability or your selected dates). The evening before your first field day, we’ll meet with you via video conference to answer any questions you have and make sure you’re packed and ready. 

The Field Days:

Our field days will be two consecutive 8-hour days based in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon. We’ll cover an exhaustive set of avalanche preparedness skills, including:

  •         Terrain Assessment 
  •         Safe Travel 
  •         Snowpack and Weather 
  •         Tour Planning 
  •         Field Ops
  •         Stability Test Use and Interpretation
  •         Rescue (beacon search, probing techniques, strategic shoveling, and more) 


  • These are Private Courses so simply contact us to schedule

What's Included?

  • 24 hrs. of Instruction (2 field days + evening virtual meeting + Self-paced online learning course)
  • The online portion of this course was produced and developed by the American Avalanche Institute and is focused on the Backcountry Avalanche Checklist. This is a systemic approach to decision making in the complex backcountry environment.
  • The online course can be done at your own pace and is rich with informative videos and discussions. Each section has a quiz that must be completed in order to continue. The quizzes can be reviewed, complete with explanations on the correct answers.
  • There is a workbook that goes along with the online course, which dives even deeper into the learning. Conveniently there are also note outlines to assist with your studies.

The field days will be full 8 hour days based in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, and will cover:

  • Terrain Assessment, Safe Travel, Snowpack and Weather, Tour Planning, Field Ops and Stability Test Use and Interpretation, Rescue (including beacon search, probing techniques, and strategic shoveling).
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Cost per person*

1:1 $1025
2:1 $730 PER PERSON
3:1 $620 PER PERSON
4:1 $540 PER PERSON

*Client to Guide Ratio: Max 4:1